General Counsel Regional Intervision Groups

GCN organises regional general counsel intervision groups for General Counsel in the Netherlands. Each group meets three times a year. We discuss work-related issues, perform peer-to-peer reviews and share best practices in an informal but confidential setting. Each group consists of (the same) General Counsel.

We meet from 8 am to 9.30 am at the office of one of the participating General Counsel. Petra van Hilst or Michiel van Straaten act as moderator.

GCN has -at the moment 8- regional intervision groups in Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam (4), Rotterdam & Den Haag and the South of the Netherlands.  GCN has a special English spoken intervision group for non-native/expat General Counsel who work and/or live in the Netherlands.

GCN will start new groups if there are enough interested participants.

If you want to participate at one of the regional General Counsel groups please sign in here.  Participation is free of charge for participants of General Counsel Netherlands.

For additional information feel free to contact the management of GCN. 

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