Several times a year, we facilitate meetings of General Counsel NL Peer-to-Peer groups in various regions of the Netherlands. Each group is made up of the same General Counsel who discuss work-related dilemmas. These meetings are very popular and well attended. Taking part in these regional meetings is free for GCN members. Together with GCN management you determine which group suits you best.

Usually these meetings take place early in the morning or around lunch time. Best practices are shared with peers in an informal atmosphere. Because participants meet regularly, a bond of trust is created and discussed topics and the mutual relationship are deepened. This way you get very personal feedback on your current challenges and you can instantly offer help to other General Counsel.

Subjects and conversation techniques are tailored to the wishes of the group. GCN management (Petra van Hilst or Michiel van Straaten) organises and moderates each meeting. They ensure that everyone can be addressed and that the meetings continue to provide added value.

At this moment ten (10) different GCN Peer-to-Peer groups are active in regions Amersfoort, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the southern part of the Netherlands. There is also an all English-speaking Peer-to-Peer group for expat General Counsel living and working in the Netherlands. When you register as a member of GCN, you can indicate being interested in participating in a GCN Peer-to-Peer group. Of course, you can also do this at a later time during your membership.

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