• Independent: for and by GCs, the GCs are at the heart, the management is in the hands of two former ultimately responsible inhouse-counsels.
  • Learning from each other: There is a lot of knowledge and experience in all GCs. GCN seeks to unlock this knowledge and experience as much as possible by the maintenance and facilitation of a professional knowledge network. Affiliated Partners offer high-quality knowledge and experience and share it with the GCs, always from their expertise and thinking along with the GC.
  • The GC is key: We provide services and bright solutions for the GCs. Without frills but with valuable extras and a personal approach. We communicate clearly and compact.
  • Entrepreneurial and Innovative: We are constantly looking ahead at opportunities for GCs – nationally and internationally – and combine this knowledge so that the GCs evolving role can be exercised as efficiently and effectively as possible.

GCN is the largest professional knowledgenetwork in the Netherlands.

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