For and by GCs: the GCs are at the heart, management is in the hands of two former ultimately responsible inhouse-lawyers.

Learning from each other

There is a lot of knowledge and experience among GCs. GCN is looking for ways to access this knowledge and experience as much as possible by facilitating a professional knowledge network and maintaining this. Affiliated Partners also offer knowledge and experience and share this with the GCs, always on the basis of their expertise and thinking along with the GC.

The GC is at the heart

We provide services and clear solutions for the GCs. Without frills, but with valuable extras and a personal approach. We communicate clearly and concisely.

Entrepreneurial and Innovative

We are constantly looking for national and international opportunities for the GCs, combine this information so that the GC’s evolving role can be performed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

GCN is the largest professional knowledgenetwork in the Netherlands.

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