The main purpose of General Counsel Netherlands (GCN) is to help General Counsel/ experienced ultimate responsible legal counsels at companies and organizations (GCs), to make their role easier, more successful and to exercise it with more fun. In order to achieve this, GCN facilitates GCs to meet each other regularly in different settings and offers a platform to share experiences, documents and best practices. The GC is at the heart.

Our target group

GCN is primarily for our participants: General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers and other ultimate responsible inhouse counsels of companies and organizations. GCN helps the GCs to perform optimally and efficiently in the confidential and professional setting of our professional knowledge network.

Our method

GCN believes in a multimedia approach. We organize various physical meetings in conjunction with modern online communication. We work closely with Partners who are challenged to offer the best possible solutions for GCs. Innovativeness and a high level of professionalism are key.

Our added value

GCN provides all GCs in the Netherlands a platform to quickly and easily share information and experiences. This saves the GC’s business and organization time and money.