GCN is thé professional network community for General Counsel in the Netherlands

Changing role of the GC
General Counsel New Style
Challenges of the GC
GCN: First Point of Contact and Reference
Tailormade Services & Support
Power and Knowledge of the network

Examples:  How do I unroll a governance or compliance project correctly? Data Privacy Help! Who do I turn to for an internal fraud investigation? How do I determine KPIs? How to to improve my team’s performance? How to profile my team and myself towards the business and the board? Which one of my co-GCs has experience in the field of knowledge and contract data management and wants to share best practices? Which service provider should I turn to for this issue? Are there opportunities elsewhere as GC? How do I negotiate most effectively with my service providers? How do I become a better project manager or negotiator? How do I keep my knowledge up to date?

In short: How do I handle it and where do I start?

GCN offers various events and possibilities to meet other peers.

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