General Counsel NL Annual Dinner 2021 and General Counsel Award 2021-2022

On 7 October 2021, the well-attended GCN Annual Dinner 2021 took place in the clubhouse of Golf Club The International in Amsterdam. The three nominated finalists of the General Counsel Award 2021-2022 each shared their challenges, experiences and achievements in their own way. All three finalists – Anne Hustinx of Schiphol, Baukje Dreimüller of Renewi and Mischa Geerards of Basic-Fit – were winners by definition. In the end, Baukje Dreimüller, General Counsel & Member of the Executive Committee of waste processing and recycling company Renewi, was chosen as the winner of the General Counsel Award 2021-2022. Baukje impressed those present especially with her personal vision and social commitment. As the jury said: ‘The energy was overwhelming!