Winner General Counsel Award 2019-2020: Yu Lian de Bakker

During the well-attended General Counsel NL Autumn Conference on 10 October 2019, Yu Lian de Bakker – General Counsel PVH Europe – won the General Counsel Award 2019 – 2020. Congratulations Yu Lian! You inspired those present with the refreshing approach you used to revitalise your legal department and get the most out of your team.

It was an exciting battle, because the other finalists – Margreet Hoekstra, General Counsel of T-Mobile and Suzanne van Nieuwenhuijzen of Stedin – also made a big impression with their impressive performances and unique presentations.

Thank you Yu Lian, Margreet and Suzanne: all three of you are great role models for the modern General Counsel that GCN stands for! And finally, a special thanks to the professional jury: Mildred Roethof, Hans van Oosterhout and Simone Davina.