Since early March 2020 the Corona Covid-19 crisis has us in its grip. In their daily work every General Counsel in the Netherlands has to deal with the effects of this pandemic. Of course, as the knowledge network for GCs in the Netherlands, GCN is trying to do everything possible to support General Counsel by sharing each other’s knowledge and experience, with the input and help of the GCN-Partners.

At this moment GCN facilitates the following:

General Counsel Corona Info group

  • On 16th March last, GCN started a General Counsel Corona Info Group on LinkedIn. A central platform where ultimately responsible in-house lawyers can read up on the for them specific and relevant implications of the Corona Covid-19 crisis, share ideas and experiences and get information from various legal service providers. Main languages are English and Dutch. The group is already a great success, with hundreds of affiliated General Counsel. Everyone can participate and contribute relevant input. GCN is editor.

GCN Online Corona Forum

  • GCN started the GCN Online Corona Forum. Using video conferencing GCN Members are invited to exchange knowledge and experience. GCN moderates these online meetings. For more information [dates behind the members-only login] and signing up please use

It’s a constant search for everyone how to resolve this crisis in the best possible way and assist each other effectively. GCN remains the central platform for General Counsel and is more than happy to help!

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