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Throughout the year, GCN organizes General Counsel NL Think-Tanks where General Counsel meet. Each GCN Think-Tank has one or more GC Quartermasters who, together with GCN, are committed to putting a topic on the map within the community. “Do-tanks” would actually be a better term, because Think-Tanks are interactive sessions where the participants share a lot of practical experiences on specific, current topics. The meetings give the opportunity to delve deeper with a surveyable group of peers.

Various General Counsel NL Think-Tanks have recently been organized around the following themes: Dispute Resolution, Legal Technology & Operations and Agile Management. Below you will find more information about these Think-Tanks.

General Counsel NL Denktank Dispute Resolution
General Counsel NL Denktank Legal Technology & Operations
General Counsel NL Denktank Agile Management

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