GCN Think Tank Crisis Ukraine/Russia/Belarus

Like many, we view with horror what is currently happening in Ukraine. We sympathise deeply with the people there and hope with all our hearts that peace will soon return. For a large number of GCs, ‘Ukraine/Russia/Belarus’ is also on the business agenda. What to do with the business activities with Russian contacts? And with Russian and Ukrainian colleagues and business partners in the region and here in the Netherlands? In addition to the sanctions list, the moral compass, internal and external pressure and statements by governments play a role in this. A number of GCs have indicated to GCN in recent days that they would like to have confidential discussions about this with other GCs. To share information and insights. Therefore, we organised 4 additional GCN online meetings on 16 March. A lot of information was shared during these meetings. Here we share some of the topics that were discussed and links to websites that may also be of added value to you as a GCN member.