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Baker McKenzie

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Bas Braeken

Bureau Brandeis

GC moderator

Regulating Big Tech: what does it mean for your business?

From 7 March, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and ByteDance (TikTok) will be subject to a new set of rules under the Digital Markets Act. These rules impose additional obligations when providing so-called ‘core platform services’ such as social media, online marketplaces, search engines and operating systems. The DMA aims to further protect and actively involve end-users, advertisers and other commercial users in compliance monitoring. In this Roundtable, we discuss the implications of and opportunities for your business.

Klaas van der Graaf


Evelyne Lukoff


The GC as a business partner in a changing world

GCs nowadays are being asked to do more with fewer resources. An increasingly complex regulatory environment, mass globalisation of business, and acceleration of technology advancements add complexity and demand from the business. How can GCs ensure they can focus on what’s important, and prevent legal issues from slowing down business?

Wesley Boldewijn


GC moderator

More diverse, more creative, more innovative?

Do Diversity & Inclusion contribute to Innovation? In this Roundtable, we explore the relationship between diverse teams, creativity and innovation.

Olaf van Haperen

Eversheds Sutherland

Dervish Tayyip


Legal teams; using AI now and in the future

GenAI, cutting through the hype, how can you improve effectiveness and make use of your accumulated knowledge by using AI and at the same time addressing (perceived) risks and operational challenges?

Marianne Bloos


GC moderator

Innovate with confidence
How can General Counsel manage risks and seize opportunities in a rapidly changing world?

Quirinne Tjeenk Willink

Kennedy Van der Laan

Wilko Tijsse Claase

Port of Amsterdam

Implementation of new technologies at the Port of Amsterdam: successes and leaRnings

Tina Shah


GC moderator

Strategic Implementation of Legal Tech for Enhanced Information GovernanceKop

Organisations navigate data challenges amidst growth new data types, litigation, regulatory scrutiny, and privacy risks. Understanding when how to apply emerging AI technologies will be pivotal for readiness.

Hendrik Bennebroek Gravenhorst


GC moderator

Technological innovation in corporate governance and corporate housekeeping

How is technological innovation affecting Corporate Governance and Corporate Housekeeping? For example, digital creation of entities, digital signatures and decision-making and the role of the General Counsel.

Jurriaan Jansen

Norton Rose Fulbright

Harry Noppers


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Elze ‘t Hart

Van Benthem & Keulen

GC moderator

Data and AI

Timme Geerlof

Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh Attorneys

GC moderator

Is your organisation ready for the AI Act?

Find out if your organisation needs to comply with the AI Act, what your organisation needs to comply with and what peers are already doing.