General Counsel NL Dispute Resolution Survey 2023

On Thursday 16 February, GCs in the Netherlands received the invitation to participate in the General Counsel NL Dispute Resolution Survey 2023.

Why is it useful to participate?
How do other General Counsel in the Netherlands deal with Dispute Resolution and what can you learn from them? Resolving conflicts wisely and efficiently is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, GCN launched the first General Counsel NL Litigation Survey in 2021, now followed by the broader General Counsel NL Dispute Resolution Survey. How do other GCs resolve their companies’ conflicts? To measure is to know! But we can’t do that without your help.

As in 2021, the Survey was co-sponsored by Lexence, whom we sincerely thank for their valuable input.

The results will be announced for the first time at the live GCN Think Tank Dispute Resolution on 13 April in Amsterdam. All Survey participants will be invited to this. Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!