GCN Think Tank Narcissism in the Boardroom

A wonderfully engaging GCN Think Tank meeting on ‘Narcissism in the boardroom’ took place on Thursday afternoon, 18 April. Important for GCs of any company!

A certain amount of narcissism is necessary to reach the top of an organisation. In this sense, narcissism does not have a negative connotation. After all, a CEO, CFO or other executive will need to have self-esteem, a drive to exercise authority and the capacity to motivate others. But narcissism is a personality characteristic, which, through the thirst for power and recognition, can also have far-reaching organisational influences, for example on financial results, ‘counter-power’ and fraud susceptibility.

Dr Antoinette Rijsenbilt, affiliated to Erasmus University Rotterdam and an expert in this field, took us on an interactive and compelling journey into the wonderful world of ‘personalities of directors’ and the impact of narcissism on the organisation. Our own personality as top managers was also put under the microscope.