The General Counsel Award is given to a General Counsel who has achieved exceptional performance and is thus an example of the professionalization of the General Counsel profession. Every other year GCN organizes the General Counsel Award in order to deliver role models who can assist other General Counsel within our community to further develop themselves. This Award also adds public awareness to the profession of General Counsel.

Jury General Counsel Award 2021-2022
General Counsel Award Winner 2019-2020
Finalists General Counsel Award 2019-2020
Jury General Counsel Award 2019-2020
Earlier editions of the General Counsel Award

Nominate a General Counsel for the General Counsel Award 2021-2022 starting today!

Are you, or do you know, a good example of a new style General Counsel? A modern and enterprising manager of legal risks, close to the business and the board?

To give more publicity and visibility to the new GC profile, the General Counsel Award 2021-2022 will be presented during the General Counsel NL Autumn Conference on October 7, 2021. That afternoon, the 3 finalists present themselves to the jury and all other attendees. The nomination is very simple.

Anyone can nominate one or more GCs. Will you join? Click on the button to directly nominate a General Counsel.

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