General Counsel NL Benchmark Survey 2020
One of the main goals of GCN is to further professionalize and profile the General Counsel profession. Exchange of knowledge and thoughts between peers is essential for this. In the Netherlands, many GCs are looking for the optimal interpretation of their profession. Of course, it helps to know how others are organised and how they deal with the challenges of our time. Not ‘from hearsay’ or ‘that you think so’, but based on representative figures.

The GCN network stands for sharing knowledge with each other. How do other GCs solve their affairs? Especially the managerial affairs: what is the range of task of other GCs, what is the structure of their division, how do they manage costs, which tasks do they perform themselves and which labour is hired (and in what way) and how do they innovate?

The General Counsel NL Benchmark Survey is an important pillar under GCN as the central platform where GCs meet and share best practices. It is also one of the world’s largest General Counsel benchmark studies and we as a community of GCs are quite proud of that.

What the study consists of in 2020
In May 2020 we have invited all GCs in the Netherlands to participate in the 4th General Counsel NL Benchmark Survey 2020. This time more interesting than ever because, in response to many requests, extra attention is paid to salary (components) and personal development. This allows General Counsel to better compare their position with that of other GCs.

The final report will be drafted in English and the results will be presented during the General Counsel Annual Conference 2020 on October 1st.

The results of the General Counsel NL Benchmark Survey 2018 were presented during the General Counsel Fall Conference on 11 October 2018. Click here for the English summary.

In 2016 all questions of the pre-test in 2014 have been rephrased to allow for comparison: what are the developments? And we have gone even further: a number of challenging propositions has been added and notable differences between men and women and between listed and unlisted companies were highlighted.

2014 | Start General Counsel NL Benchmark Survey
In Anglo-Saxon countries, GCs are regularly surveyed worldwide. However, for various reasons, the results are hardly usable and representative for the situation of GCs in the Netherlands. At most it indicates trends, but they are rarely concrete enough. That’s why, in 2014, GCN developed and launched the large-scale General Counsel NL Benchmark Survey for the first time, in close consultation with a number of GCs. It was an instant success: more than a quarter of all GCs in the Netherlands participated at the time, giving a very representative view of the results.

The results are compiled in a clear report which is made available free of charge to all GCN members and to all GCs that have participated.

For further information about the General Counsel NL Benchmark Survey, please contact the management of GCN:
Michiel van Straaten,, tel: 00 31 6 1483 7202
Petra van Hilst,, tel: 0031 6 4106 9433

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