A New Way of Litigating | managing complex litigations & avoiding spiralling out of (cost) control

Most companies are averse to litigation as it typically only disrupts doing business. Coupled with unforeseen developments resulting in unexpected delays and costs spiralling out of control, litigation is therefore feared as turning into a bottom-less project. As a result, companies with a claim tend not to pursue it in court, whereas defendants are typically […]

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Christoph Jeloschek
Christoph Jeloschek is partner at Kennedy Van der Laan and a member of its dedicated Litigation and Arbitration Team. Christoph is specialized in commercial litigation with a knack for cross-border litigations and complex IT disputes (such as failed IT projects). Christoph is well-equipped to handle international commercial disputes owing to his multi-jurisdictional background – with degrees in Austrian and Dutch law, a good understanding of common law and profound knowledge of European law – and thanks to his language capabilities as a fully tri-lingual German [native], English and Dutch speaker.