GCs: recognize the strategic value of data and leverage the GDPR

Whether you are a B2C or a B2B company, data has become a strategic asset. It is a driver of new business models and business processes and a source of tremendous value. GCs will be instrumental in sponsoring and driving GDPR readiness projects, bringing different specialisms together and becoming data protection diplomats. Life was easy […]

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Wanne Pemmelaar
Wanne Pemmelaar Wanne specialises in IT and advises clients, including leading ICT suppliers, on data protection law, data security breaches, IT and outsourcing contracts, e-commerce law and intellectual property law. His passion is to assist clients in navigating the legal landscape against the backdrop of exponential data and tech developments. He believes that data are a valuable strategic asset and a driver of new business models and processes. Wanne advised a large number of multinationals with their shift to the cloud and has helped clients set up global data compliance and data security breach programs. He has in-depth knowledge of the privacy and licence aspects of apps marketing, innovative data use (such as profiling) and complex data sharing systems involving numerous parties. In addition, he has assisted clients during various data protection and telecoms investigations and litigation, including providing practical and strategic advice on mitigating measures and dealings with press and other stakeholders.
T: 020 674 1443
E: wanne.pemmelaar@allenovery.com
Elise Troll
Elise specialises in data protection, competition law, general administrative law, telecom and energy. She has experience in advising on commercial contracts, data protection and telecom queries. She has advised several companies regarding privacy requirements for the launch of internet platforms and webshops. Her practice also involves advising and representing companies on topics concerning general administrative law. Furthermore, she advised the national government on the implementation of legislation in the energy sector.  Elise joined Allen & Overy in 2012 after graduating from Leiden University where she specialised in European law.
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E: elise.troll@allenovery.com