Your Contractual Triage Guide for today and tomorrow

Since the (economic) impact of COVID-19 on society and business is yet unforeseeable, we are all going through a period of uncertainty. The necessity of overview, insight and control over your legal obligations and contractual body is hence inescapable. Triaging your contracts enables you to anticipate and prioritize, and thus prevent issues from arising in […]

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Peter Kits
Deloitte Global Leader Digital Law
+31 6 13001055
Peter Kits is a lawyer in IP/IT matters. His experience lies in supporting companies in legal and regulatory matters in the field of intellectual property (IP), IT, Commercial contracting and Data protection. More specifically he has gained broad experience in ‘translating’ abstract legal requirements into optimized solutions for MNE’s and SME’s. With our international group of highly skilled IP/IT legal professionals, we work in multi-disciplinary teams (Tax, IT, Risk, Audit, and Finance specialists).
Tessie Schuurs
Legal Analyst
Tessie is a Legal Analyst and is part of the Digital Law team of Deloitte Legal. She joined Deloitte in 2019. She has experience in the field of IP/IT (e.g. Cloud), International Trade/Transport, and CDD. She advises a variety of (inter)national clients with a focus on the financial services industry. Tessie has a strong interest in advising companies on complex legal matters concerning Commercial Law, Contracting and Legal Management Consulting.