Criminal enforcement of climate law

The Netherlands has adopted a variety of legislation to combat climate change and will adopt more in the foreseeable future. Such legislation can be enforced under administrative and criminal law. In the future, it is likely that authorities will more often prefer criminal enforcement over administrative enforcement. The Netherlands is subject to ambitious greenhouse gas […]

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Sjoerd Lopik
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Sjoerd Lopik is an associate at Allen & Overy LLP in Amsterdam. He specializes in criminal law and compliance, with an emphasis on domestic and cross-border internal investigations and criminal law litigation. Next to his work at Allen & Overy, Sjoerd is a PhD candidate at Leiden University. His research regards the role of criminal law in the legal response to climate change.
Seppe Stax
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Seppe Stax is a senior associate at Allen & Overy LLP in the Amsterdam Projects and Real Estate Team and focuses on renewable energy project finance and development.