Deal or no deal: Brexit-related immigration key points

If you have a business in the UK employing EU nationals, and/or a business in the Netherlands employing UK nationals, the upcoming changes and proposed transitional arrangements in relation to the UK's intended exit from the EU may be relevant to you and your employees. This article provides you with an overview of the key […]

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Sara Schermerhorn
Sara Schermerhorn is Senior Advisor in the Amsterdam Employment practice. She advises on the full range of employment law and related topics and is responsible for the group’s know how. Sara has extensive experience advising on collective and individual dismissals, the employment law aspects and employee consultation requirements of mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing transactions and employee benefits, including relevant incentive schemes. Sara is also advising on whistleblower schemes. Her knowledge on work-related immigration issues adds value in Brexit related initiatives.
Stephanie Dare
Stephanie Dare is a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer in the London office and specializes in business related immigration to the UK. Stephanie has over 10 year experience in providing strategic and commercial advice relating to UK immigration laws and best practice.