The EQUAL in LEGAL platform is live! EQUAL in LEGAL is all about sharing knowledge on EQUALITY in the international legal ecosystem. We want to learn from each other, connect people and together make the world a little better. We share stories and articles on equality related topics like Diversity & Inclusion, Pro-Bono/Volunteering, Access to Justice, Talent & Education, and Sustainability. Most of all we want to do it together with all parties within the legal ecosystem — reaching out, collaborating, sharing, and connecting for a good cause.

All these topics are important to address in a transforming world in which the parties within the legal industry operate. Why should we re-invent the wheel ourselves if we can learn from others? For example, there are so many inspiring stories out there on pro bono matters on which lawyers worked with a lot of passion — the EQUAL in LEGAL platform gives these stories a home and a megaphone.

At the moment, more than 100 General Counsel of various companies and a variety of legal service providers have signed the EQUAL in LEGAL Statement, and given their commitment to promote D&I initiatives at their workplaces and then share their experiences. We encourage parties to join and sign the EQUAL in LEGAL Statement. It’s a great way to contribute to this vital cause.

GCN created the new EQUAL in LEGAL platform so that the entire legal ecosystem can learn and collaborate, not only on D&I issues but also on other relevant social topics. The EQUAL in LEGAL platform is international in scope and hopes to gather diverse points of view from different cultures and backgrounds within the legal global market.

All parties within the global legal ecosystem can participate, support, and share their initiatives and knowledge on equality, whether they are from in-house legal departments, private law practices, alternative legal service providers, NGOs, academic settings, legal tech companies or other parties related to the legal industry. This platform will enable parties to share knowledge on various topics and search for information about different locations and players within the global legal ecosystem.

Overall, we’re hoping EQUAL in LEGAL will allow us to make the world a bit better together.