How does technology fit into the answer

It is very easy to fall for a good sales or marketing line. We have all done it. We have bought something we probably didn’t really need. However, when you are purchasing on behalf of your business, careful consideration is needed before you spend a significant portion of your budget on a technology solution. Mistakes […]

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Stephanie Hamon

Head of Legal Operations Consulting
Norton Rose Fulbright
Tel +44 20 7444 3899

Stephanie Hamon is the Head of Legal Operations Consulting at Norton Rose Fulbright and a former Managing Director, Head of External Engagement, Legal for Barclays. She has extensive experience of setting and delivering commercial and business management strategies for in-house legal departments. Stéphanie Hamon led the Barclays team that was named “Legal operations team of the year” at the 2019 UK Legal 500 Awards.
She also developed new model for Barclays’ law firm panel and relationship model. Stephanie brings with her more than 19 years’ experience gained working across an extensive range of legal and financial institutions, in markets including the UK, Continental Europe and Asia Pacific.
Stephanie has extensive expertise in business development, strategy formulation and execution and client-focused relationship management all of which provides a perfect skill set for leading this new practice, which will offer the following core services:

  • Strategic legal consulting – advising in-house legal teams on how they can support the wider objectives of the business, and helping to set priorities and a practical vision for programs and initiatives that would support this.
  • Legal operations advisory – advising on management of legal operations functions, including best practice legal project management.
  • Legal operations delivery – assisting in the delivery of specific projects or mandates made up of work likely to be delivered with the involvement of, or at the request of, a legal operations team.