The CSR/ESG tidal wave: where do lawyers fit in?

It is easy to be cynical about corporate social responsibility (CSR). But the reality is that the days of CSR as “window dressing” are all but dead and gone. Today, CSR, often interchangeably referred to as “ESG, (although the definitions are often disputed) is much more about compliance, legal and business risk and business trust […]

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Lamin Khadar
Pro Bono Manager
+31 20 795 33 19


Lamin Khadar is the Pro Bono Manager for Dentons Europe and Global Adjunct Professor of Law at New York University. Based in Dentons’ Amsterdam office, Lamin works across multiple locations in Europe and Central Asia to manage Dentons’ international pro bono practice. On an on-going basis, Lamin works with teams of Dentons lawyers on pro bono matters for a range of clients including NGOs and international organizations.

Before joining Dentons, he worked variously for an EU law think tank, a commercial law firm and an international human rights organization. Lamin is also the co-founder of The Good Lobby, a Brussels-based civic start-up operating across Europe and a contributor to Rights CoLab, a New York based think tank contributing to research into business, rights, technology and finance. Lamin also manages the NYU Paris European Public Interest Law Clinic where he supervises US law students to work for non-profit clients on public interest projects.