june: GCN PEER GROUPS instead of GCN intervisies!

Welcome to a new GCN experiment! At the request of many GCs, we will be organising the GCN peer-to-peer group meetings in June this year differently. This time you will not meet with the GCs from your regular peer group. Instead of the ‘GCN Intervisies’, you can register for one (or two) of the eleven ‘GCN Peer groups’ from the following three categories:

Categorie A: Size of the Legal Teams (duration: 1,5 hour) – Location: Utrecht

  1. Small Legal Teams: < 5 Legal Counsel
  2. Midsize Legal Teams: 6 – 15 Legal Counsel
  3. Large Legal Teams: 16 – > Legal Counsel

Categorie B: Sector (duration: 1,5 hour) – Location: Utrecht

  1. Consumer goods
  2. Energy & Telecom
  3. Financial Services
  4. Industry & Pharma
  5. Real Estate
  6. Technology

Categorie C: Specials (duration: 2 hours) – Location: Amsterdam

  1. Expats (only for Expat GCs)
  2. Millenials (only for GCs between the ages of 28-43)

GCs come from all over the country for these GCN Peer groups. That’s why we’ve chosen for these June 2024 meetings a spectacular location on the northern edge of Utrecht (very easily accessible near the A2 and with excellent parking facilities). Only the meetings for Expats and Millenials will take place in Amsterdam. A maximum of 20 GCs can participate in each group, so register as soon as possible!

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Category A, Size Legal Teams, Utrecht
Catergory B, Sectors, Utrecht
Category C, Specials, Amsterdam