About GCN

General Counsel Netherlands (GCN) is the modern professional organisation and creative knowledge network for ultimate responsible (in-house) lawyers in the Netherlands. It is the platform where General Counsel from a wide range of companies meet, help each other and share knowledge.

GCN is the knowledge centre for and by GCs and for everyone who cares about General Counsel. In addition, GCN is actively working on making General Counsel more society-wide visible.

General Counsel have a unique position within companies and face great challenges. They are the confidants of the Executive Board and various supervisory authorities, sometimes also acting as Company Secretaries.

At the same time, GCs support the business in large projects. At the crossroads between strategy and operations, they know better than anyone what is going on. As companies continue to transform and innovate, they are increasingly addressing issues such as cybersecurity, globalisation, privacy, ESG and reputation management, in addition to managing legal risks.

They also have a department to manage. The multitude of responsibilities makes the job popular and at the same time complex. No one understands this better than other General Counsel. Within GCN, various GCs and GCN Partners help each other with tips & tricks to make the job more successful.


GCN organises a wide range of activities. Core values are: quality, informal, confidential, an inclusive mindset and personal. GCN is not an anonymous network where participants are numbers. Everything must be right and participants must keep coming back with a smile.

That is why GCN Conferences are not a collection of boring keynotes, but dynamic days filled with self-selected GCN Round Tables, personal introductions and informal meetings. The dozens of GCN Peer-to-Peer group meetings that take place throughout the country also ensure that participants quickly get to know many other General Counsel.

The GCN Benchmark Surveys have been the number one guide for GCs in the Netherlands for many years. If you have a specific question, the team will help you personally. We can be reached every day.

The GCN team

Petra van Hilst


Michiel van Straaten


linda de heer

Office Manager

Els van der Meijden

Executive Assistant

General Counsel Executive Program

GCs are expected to be proactive members of Senior Management and to act as change agents. The international General Counsel Executive Program, an initiative of GCN, teaches GCs how to function optimally at Boardroom level from a business perspective, both internally and externally. In other words: from experienced lawyer to trusted advisor at CEO level.

The GCEP helps GCs to improve their business acumen and make career moves as leaders. An academic week of the highest standard with highly respected professors and experts from renowned universities and business schools. You can find all the information at: www.gcexecutiveprogram.com

Equal in legal

GCN is also the initiator of EQUAL in LEGAL. It is about sharing knowledge regarding EQUALITY within the legal ecosystem. As a community, we want to learn from each other, connect people and make the world a little better together. Various stories and articles are shared on EQUALITY-related topics such as diversity and inclusion, pro-bono/volunteering, access to justice, talent and education and sustainability/ESG/CSR.

Above all, we want to do it TOGETHER with all parties within the legal ecosystem; reaching out to each other, working together, sharing and connecting. All information can be found at www.equalinlegal.com