GCN Conferences

Three times a year, GCN organises major national events: the GCN Annual Conference in spring, the GCN Fall Conference in autumn and the GCN New Year’s Boost to start each year.

General Counsel NL Annual Conference

The General Counsel NL Annual Conference is the largest annual conference for General Counsel in the Netherlands and takes place every spring. Each time, the focus is on a different current topic, always specifically viewed from the position of the GC. During this day full of variety, you will take part in three GCN Round Tables chosen by you, there will be short, inspiring contributions from surprising keynotes and there will be plenty of opportunity for personal introductions and introductions, which we will be happy to assist you with.

General Counsel NL Fall Conference

Every autumn, the General Counsel NL Fall Conference takes place. From lunch to drinks, you will be inspired by other General Counsel and special speakers. Each conference is unique and full of variety. For example, one year the final of the GCN Award and the other year the brand new results of the latestGCN Benchmark Survey are presented. In the years when the GCN Award is presented, instead of the General Counsel NL Fall Conference we organise an enjoyable GCN Annual Dinner at a special location. Presentations are short and in-depth is achieved by discussing and learning from each other in small groups. Here, too, the focus is always on a new current topic and, in particular, on what this means for the GC.

General Counsel NL New Year’s Boost

The year starts with the GCN New Year’s Boost, always at a spectacular location. We were at the EndemolShine studios and in the Gallery of Honour of the Rijksmuseum. The GCN New Year’s Boost is an excellent and pleasant opportunity to get to know other GCs informally and to share plans for the new year. In the Corona year 2021, the GCN New Year’s Boost could not take place and instead we organised 18 GCN walks throughout the country. It was literally a breath of fresh air!