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Marc Kuijper
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Who we are & what we do


What’s new at Dentons? As the world’s largest law firm, there’s always news to report that could affect you and your business. Check out our most recent press releases for details.


Professionals meeting professionals in an open exchange of information and expertise. At Dentons, we believe this can be one of the most beneficial means of communication between ourselves and our clients.

Global Solutions

As the world’s largest law firm, we have to think about our clients, people, suppliers, impact, policies and protocols across many markets. We know that many of our clients face the same challenge.

Client Experience

The experience our clients have working with us matters. We don’t take our clients’ loyalty for granted and we are constantly striving to improve and innovate our service offering and the value we provide. As the world’s largest law firm, we are able to leverage our expertise and resources to provide additional value to our clients.