The role and position of the General Counsel has changed significantly over the past decade. A General Counsel is not only a legal expert and the ethical compass of the company but is also expected to be a strategic business partner. A proactive member of the corporate decision-making team that acts like a change agent on issues like digitalization, reputation and globalization.

GCN is a Knowledge Network, by and especially for General Counsels, which aims to support GCs in this journey of transformation. It’s a platform for GCs to meet. To exchange information and experiences, as well as get to know each other and other innovative parties.

So what do we do at GCN?

  • Every year, GCN organizes 2 large conferences: the General Counsel Annual Conference and the General Counsel Fall Conference. Featuring top-level keynote speakers, personal introductions and high-quality GC roundtables on current and challenging topics.
  • We organize peer coaching 3 times a year, each time at the office of a different GC. In these meetings, GCs share knowledge, experience and best practices about a chosen topic or challenges. GCN has 10 regional General Counsel peer coaching groups, including an English-speaking group especially for international expat GCs.
  • Every other year we undertake an extensive General Counsel NL Benchmark Survey among all GCs in the Netherlands. This report allows each General Counsel to determine their own benchmark.
  • We issue a General Counsel Award every other year. From a pool of nominated GCs, a jury chooses 3 finalists who then share their story. This award allows us to provide role models, profile modern GCs and empower others.
  • We also arrange Think Tanks on contemporary issues, such as Legal Technology and Legal Operations.
  • Together with renowned professors from international business schools and universities, GCN has set up the General Counsel Executive Program. This is an academic English language “mini MBA” that allows GCs to improve their business and management skills.
  • Finally, we also communicate online via the secure GCN website, and publish the General Counsel NL Newsletter 6 times a year and the General Counsel NL Magazine each year.

In short: GCN is the professional, personal and innovative network by and for modern GCs.

For more info visit the GCN website: click here

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Looking forward welcoming you as a GCN-er 🙂

In the below video (you can switch English subtitles on) you can see what we do… Welkom!

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