Keynote speaker Wim Anker

Wim Anker has been one of the best-known criminal lawyers in the Netherlands for more than 40 years. Together with his brother Hans, they assisted many defendants, mostly pro bono. These defendants represent a cross-section of our society. Wim: “It can happen to anyone, make no mistake!”

As a retired man in the true sense of the word, Wim now lectures on the ethical boundaries and integrity of the criminal lawyer’s profession and holds up a mirror to other professionals in his reflections, which are punctuated with tears and smiles.


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Criminal lawyer: a walk on a balance beam

Wim Anker discusses the role, task and attitude of the criminal lawyer, not the most popular profession in the Netherlands at the moment, and shares 5 firm ethical principles and integrity boundaries that are also important for the General Counsel.

He also discusses a number of high-profile cases, including the case of Ferdi E, kidnapper of GJ Heijn, the Volendam fire of 01-01-01 and the Amsterdam vice-case against Robert M.

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BRAVE HENDRIK Theetuin Eemnes

131, Meentweg , 3755 PD, Eemnes

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