GCN Newsletters

GCN publishes the online General Counsel NL Newsletter six times a year. It is filled with information from home and abroad that is especially relevant for General Counsel, often around a particular theme. GCN Partners provide a lot of relevant up-to-date information and each newsletter features a General Counsel in the section “GC speaking”. GCN members can find all previous GCN Newsletters behind the login in the members-only section of the GCN website.

15 February 2022

Finance & Legal: 1 + one = Thre3

Click herefor the GCN Newsletter of 15 February 2022.

19 April 2022

The ‘E’ from ESG

31 May 2022

Compliance and the ‘S’ from ESG

16 September 2022

Fall conference: International challenges for General Counsel and the ‘G’ from ESG

8 November 2022

Looking back at the General Counsel Fall Conference and Effective Litigation and Negotiation

20 December 2022

Looking forward to 2023, hot topics for General Counsel in 2023