'Narcissism in the boardroom'

A wonderfully engaging GCN Think Tank meeting on ‘Narcissism in the boardroom’ will take place on Thursday afternoon, 18 April. Important for GCs of any company!
A certain amount of narcissism is necessary to reach the top of an organisation. In this sense, narcissism does not have a negative connotation. After all, a CEO, CFO or other executive will need to have self-esteem, a drive to exercise authority and the capacity to motivate others. But narcissism is a personality trait that, through the thirst for power and recognition, can also have far-reaching organisational influences, for example on financial results, ‘counter-power’ and fraud susceptibility.
Dr Antoinette Rijsenbilt, affiliated to Erasmus University Rotterdam and an expert in this field, takes us on an interactive and compelling journey into the wonderful world of ‘personalities of directors’ and the impact of narcissism on the organisation. Our own personality as top managers will also be put under the microscope.
After this introduction, we will break up into smaller groups to share our experiences and thoughts as GCs and CLOs around this topic. What can we learn from it vis-a-vis our managers and to what extent are you narcissistic yourself? We conclude with drinks.
This time the GCN Think Tank will take place on 18 April from 15.00h to 18.00h and we will be guests at the beautiful office of GCN Partner Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh at Blaak 555 in the centre of Rotterdam.
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Dr. Antoinette Rijsenbilt

Antoinette Rijsenbilt

Dr. J.A. (Antoinette) Rijsenbilt studied business economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam (PhD 1991, PhD 2011), psychology at the university of Amsterdam and obtained a 1st-degree teaching qualification at VU University. Antoinette gained many years of experience in the business world as an economist.

She has held various financial positions both in international organisations and Dutch SMEs. She has been with Erasmus University Rotterdam since 2009. Her research focuses on personalities of directors and impact on the organisation.


Reception and introduction by Dr Antoinette Rijsenbilt



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Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh

  • Address: 555 Blaak , 3011 GB Rotterdam
  • Parking: car park Markthal, Dominee Jan Scharpstraat , 3011 GZ Rotterdam
  • From car park to the address is a 5-minute walk. The entrance to the office is on the corner of Blaak and Hoogstraat (right next to Coolsingel) at the little square on which the famous statue of Pim Fortuyn stands. The easiest way is to follow ‘Korte Hoogstraat’.