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Perhaps the most important task of GCs is: make sure no major accidents happen for the company. This regularly generates serious stress for GCs, for example because decisions have to be made at an increasingly rapid pace, many new national and European laws and regulations are being introduced, and political and international tensions are rising rapidly. And then also, leading and encouraging a legal team has certainly not become any easier since Covid, and at the same time, the range of tasks of most GCs is expanding.

In this force field, how do you and your team members stay stress-resistant and continue to function well and with enjoyment as a team?

In the afternoon, stress expert Suzan Kuijsten will provide a ton of information and practical tips in her own unique way. Experience and ideas on stress management & team building can be shared during the two GCN Roundtables. We also reserved time for a leisurely walk to recharge our energy.


Suzan Kuijsten

Stress sociologist Suzan Kuijsten is considered one of the Netherlands’ most innovative thinkers on stress management. With her refreshing view on stress, she shows a different sound.


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GCN Benchmark Survey results 2024

Keynote Suzan Kuijsten: ‘Mad about stress’

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Fort Voordorp

Voordorpsedijk 28b, Groenekan
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